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Bad News for Milwaukee’s Most Vulnerable

Posted by Amy Gehrke on

The terrible news broke Friday afternoon: Planned Parenthood will open a new, $8 million, state-of-the-art abortion facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Tuesday, October 10th. Adding to this shocking news is the fact that the abortion giant is paying for the new killing center entirely with private donations.  

The new facility will be located in Milwaukee's trendy Third Ward, home to some of the city's most expensive real estate. In addition, the 12,000-square-foot clinic will feature an expanded waiting room, more exam and consultation rooms than their existing Milwaukee facility, as well as areas for women and children. Children can relax and play in comfort while a little brother, sister, cousin, or friend loses their life only a few feet away. 

Yet again, this leaves us with just one question: Why does Planned Parenthood need taxpayer money?  

The fact that Planned Parenthood continues to insist that they need taxpayer funding while building an $8 million facility with private funds is beyond the pale. It is shocking that they blame Wisconsin’s protective, pro-life laws for the closure of rural clinics while, at the same time, they build an upscale clinic in Milwaukee’s hot spot: The Third Ward. 

Planned Parenthood's true colors have been exposed once again: They don't care about women. They care about money. Planned Parenthood always follows the money -- whether it be from taxpayer's wallets, gullible donors, or exploiting women at the expense of their children's lives. 

Within the last six years, Wisconsin Right to Life supported legislation signed into law that directed a cumulative $8 million away from Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. The fact that money continues to flow through their doors is proof-positive they have no need for taxpayer dollars. 

Here in Wisconsin, the number of abortions has been dropping steadily for years. In fact, it has dropped 15% in the last three years alone, to an all-time low of 5,612 abortions in 2016. Of course, that is 5,612 abortions too many, but the steady decline has shown that our strategy of combining a strong legislative agenda along with our powerful Veritas media campaign targeting abortion-vulnerable women is working. 

Despite our success, Planned Parenthood continues to be Enemy #1 to women and children everywhere.  We will continue to urge legislators to completely defund the abortion giant. We will continue to fight for laws that protect unborn children and their mothers. We will continue to educate society regarding the truth about the abortion industry so hearts and minds are changed to favor life. We will not stop until every vulnerable member of our society is protected.  


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