Are you pregnant? Need Help? At 123GiveLife.com you can find a pregnancy help center in Wisconsin near you. Just enter your zip code.


TeenBreaks.com gives you detailed information on pregnancy and abortion plus help in dealing with both. Girls who aborted tell their own stories about why they chose abortion, what the abortion was like, and how they feel now.


A project of Heartbeat International, is a state-of-the-art helpline that employs trained phone consultants who are available 24/7 to assist women in crisis and to directly connect them to local pregnancy help centers.To get help by phone: Call toll free, 1-877-877-9027 or, text the word "option" to 95495


Wisconsin Right to Life founded the Nightingale Alliance in 2002. This is the site for important, up-to-date information on physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia

National Right to Life Committee - NRLC.org

National Right to Life’s website provides resources and information on federal right-to-life issues and legislation, compiled by the most esteemed national pro-life organization.

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WRTL Press - Wisconsin Right to Life

Wisconsin Right to Life Book - 50 Years of Saving Lives

WRTL Press
Wisconsin Right to Life's publishing arm, WRTL Press, released its first major print publication in April, 2018.

50 Years of Saving Lives - The 50th Anniversary of Wisconsin Right to Life 1968 - 2018

Description: "50 Years of Saving Lives" chronicles the mission, leadership, legislative milestones and other significant aspects across the five decades of Wisconsin Right to Life's history. After a touching introduction by Wisconsin's great pro-life Governor Scott Walker, and a prologue from Executive Director Heather Weininger, the book launches into tracing the origins of abortion and right-to-life activism in our state and nation. It is the story of Wisconsin Right to Life's struggle against the most horrific human rights abuse in United States’ history: Abortion.

50 Years of Saving Lives - The 50th Anniversary of Wisconsin Right to Life; 1968 - 2018; Written and Edited by Mike Froncek and the leadership team of Wisconsin Right to Life; First edition published in 2018 by WRTL Press; 
224 pages; 8.5" x 11" Softcover.
ISBN-13: 978-0-692-99249-4   /   ISBN-10: 0-692-99249-9

Approximate Release Sales Date May 1, 2018.

To purchase:
"50 Years of Saving Lives" will be available online for $19.99 plus shipping (approximatly $4.00) through the wrtl.org website store. The store is not yet online, but is expected to be open for business by the end of April or mid-May, 2018. We will place a link to the store here when the store is open.

Special discounts are available on quantity purchases by state and local affiliates of National Right to Life and other certified non-profit, pro-life organizations, churches, Catholic and Christian school libraries, colleges, universities and homeschool groups. The quanitity discounted rates are as follows:

28 books (one carton) - regularly $560, discounted 20% to $448 (plus shipping) to qualified purchasers.

56 books (two cartons) - regularly $1,120, discounted 30% to $784 (plus shipping).

Pricing for larger quantities available upon request.

Read "50 Years of Saving Lives" on your tablet or phone:
The book will be available online as a Kindle e-book in 2019. Details will appear here.

Commercial Orders:
Orders by U.S. trade bookstores and wholesalers please contact Wisconsin Right to Life Press: Tel: (877) 855-5007; or send email to the Director of Communications, Mike Froncek

About Wisconsin Right to Life:

Wisconsin Right to Life is the preeminent right-to-life organization in Wisconsin and arguably in the nation. Wisconsin Right to Life has been saving lives since it began in 1968. During 2018, Wisconsin Right to Life celebrated 50 years of saving lives.