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Can Ron Johnson Finally Send Russ Feingold Packing?

A virtually unheard of Wisconsin candidate named Ron Johnson is just two points shy of Russ Feingold in a late May Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely voters. Feingold leads Johnson by a mere 46% – 44% with 3% preferring another candidate and 6% undecided.

This can’t be good news for Feingold. But, does it spell victory for Johnson?

This same poll reveals that 56% of Wisconsin voters favor repealing Obamacare with 45% strongly favoring repeal. Again, not an enviable position for Feingold given his support of Obamacare.

The key for Johnson is to exploit Feingold’s record on Obamacare and things like partial-birth abortion without making any major campaign mistakes. It is a long way until November. But Feingold’s opponents, including we at Wisconsin Right to Life, are salivating over the prospects of a Senator Johnson from Wisconsin.

Barbara Lyons

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