Georgia Man Wants to be Killed for His Organs

The culture of death has many facets. The latest twist? A Georgia man with Lou Gehrig’s disease wants to be killed for his organs. He believes his diagnosis is “a death sentence, positively, no questions asked.” In an act of what he believes to be magnanimous compassion, Garry Phebus wants other people to live by having his good organs transplanted into them, knowing that removal of his vital organs will cause his death.

Causing his death in this manner is, of course, not legal. So, Phebus has taken his appeal online to get backing from others. “I am not suicidal. I just know that it is a matter of time before I die and wish to do a good thing for those people who have a good life expectancy” he says in a youtube video.

A new “selling” point for the culture of death. A macabre one at that.

Read the CNN article here.

Barbara Lyons

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