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Prosser Not Guilty in Sexual Abuse of Children Case

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By now, probably everyone in Wisconsin has seen the television ad which essentially accuses State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser of assisting in ignoring the sexual abuse of children by a Catholic priest over 30 years ago. The ad is very damaging, as is its intent. It’s one of those ads which makes you grimace as you watch it.

Fortunately, the two victims in that case immediately came forward to denounce the ad and exonerate Prosser. For those who personally know Justice Prosser, it is no surprise that he is not guilty of the actions which the ad alleges. Prosser is a highly respected jurist and person. Hopefully, the voting public will see through this vicious smear campaign and re-elect a thoughtful justice who deserves another 10 years on the bench.

Read victim letter here.

Barbara Lyons

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