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Poll Finds 54% of Americans Want Planned Parenthood Defunded

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A poll commissioned by the Susan B. Anthony Fund finds that 54% of Americans do not want family planning dollars going to organizations that perform abortions. Importantly, 43% strongly oppose use of taxpayer dollars in this manner while only 20% strongly support.

The Polling Company results reveal the following:

  • 82% of those who are pro-life oppose this funding
  • 26% of those who are pro-choice oppose this funding
  • Women oppose by a 51-40% margin
  • Latinos oppose by a 47-45% margin
  • African-Americans oppose by a 62-26% margin
  • Independents oppose by a 52-36% margin
  • Ages 18-34 oppose by a 54-38% margin
  • Republicans oppose by a 77-20% margin
  • Democrats oppose by a 55-38% margin
  • Those in the 35-44 age range were the only age category in support of funding Planned Parenthood

In summary, there is broad support in America as a whole and in key demographic populations to strip Planned Parenthood of the over $360 million it receives in federal and state taxpayer dollars each year. The survey interviewed 1,000 Americans with a margin of error of +/- 3%. Read poll results here.

Barbara Lyons

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