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Wisconsin Right to Life Falsely Accused of Making Fraudulent Voter Suppression Calls

Wisconsin Right to Life condemns bloggers who are falsely and viciously reporting that Wisconsin Right to Life is making calls telling people not to vote today. This is completely untrue. Wisconsin Right to Life has not ever and is not now making phone calls to suppress votes.

Wisconsin Right to Life did make a call stating that people would be receiving absentee ballot applications in the mail. These are for the general elections on August 9 and 16.

WRTL is receiving calls from all over the country from nasty people at the urging of bloggers who swear and contend they are reporting us to the FBI and other agencies. Some of the calls came through on caller ID as AFL-CIO.

WRTL has made no endorsements in today’s primary election. Even if we had, why would we tell our own people, those who received the calls, not to vote? This campaign against WRTL is not only false and vicious but totally without merit.

Wisconsin Right to Life encourages all who live in recall districts where there is an election today and next week to go to the polls and vote!

Barbara Lyons

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