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Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin to Hire 14-Year-Olds as Youth Educators

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Youth Health Educator. Sounds impressive. Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (PPWI) is advertising this job and those who apply must be at least 14-years old. Essentially these young people will do peer-to-peer sex education.

“This position will further the department’s mission of creating sexually healthy communities with a focus on reducing the rate of teen and young adult pregnancy and STIs…..More specifically, this position will provide one-on-one health education to youth in our Youth Health Clinics, assist with providing direct sexuality education to youth via the youth text hotline and “Youth Nights” programming, and act as community advocates regarding issues of responsible sexuality education among adolescents and young adults,” states the Purpose of Position statement on the PPWI website. The applicant must have the “Ability to relate to and influence peers..”

Planned Parenthood is masterful at luring young people into its circles, giving them a known place to go if a pregnancy occurs. If pregnant, the young woman is conveniently steered into one of PP’s abortion clinics. A built-in referral network. It would be interesting to know if our taxpayer dollars are funding these positions.

Barbara Lyons

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