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Andrew Breitbart Adopted, Strongly Pro-Life; RIP

It is always shocking when a death occurs unexpectedly, especially when the person is young. So it is with the death yesterday of 43-year-old Andrew Breitbart. I didn’t know him or much about him. To all who did know him, he was universally recognized as a powerful spokesperson and activist for the causes he held dear.

In a video filmed just a few weeks ago, Breitbart spoke to Students for Life and revealed that he was adopted. As was his sister and four other children he grew up with in his neighborhood. He didn’t think much about the abortion issue, because to gain status in Hollywood where he lived, you had to be “pro-choice.” Eventually, he was influenced certainly by his adoptive status and, as he states in the video, by the pro-life movement, especially young people, and came to embrace a pro-life viewpoint.

The world has lost two famous people recently who had a significant impact in the world — Andrew Breitbart and Steve Jobs. Both were adopted. While Breitbart eventually understood how his life as an unborn child could have been destroyed, it apparently was not so with Jobs. Regardless of their viewpoints, both deserved the opportunity to fulfill the life and destiny given to them. And their mothers gave it to them.

RIP, Andrew. We are proud and honored to know of your story and your devotion to life.

View the video here.

Barbara Lyons

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