Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin Closes Four Abortion Feeder Clinics

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (PPWI) is the state’s largest abortion provider and, nationally, refers over 90% of the pregnant women it sees to abortion clinics. The closure of four feeder clinics in Chippewa Falls, Shawano, Johnson Creek and Beaver Dam to Planned Parenthood’s three Wisconsin abortion clinics is excellent news.

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin performed 4,827 Wisconsin abortions in 2010 (62% of all abortions). Its annual report for that year lists zero adoption referrals and zero prenatal care recipients. The Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) and its affiliates received over $542 million in state and federal taxpayer dollars in 2011. In addition, PPFA has mandated that all of its affiliates perform abortions by 2013.

Under the leadership of Wisconsin Right to Life, PPWI lost over $1million in state taxpayer dollars in the last Wisconsin biennial budget. PPWI has stated that these budget cuts lead to the closure of the four clinics.

It is far past time for Wisconsin citizens to recognize that Planned Parenthood, through its local clinics, refers the overwhelming majority of pregnant women it sees to abortion clinics, most probably one of its own abortion clinics, where a fee is extracted from the women. This is a terrible conflict of interest. It is a good outcome for women and children that the four abortion clinic feeders are closing.

Barbara Lyons

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